St. Mark Armenian Church

2427 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, Massachusetts 01129

Fee Schedule / Hall Rental

Fee Schedule & Hall Rental 

Dues Paying Members Non-Members

Fee Schedule

  Wedding    Baptism    Funeral   
Church As Desired $300 As Desired $200 As Desired $300
Organist $125 $125 N/A N/A $125 or $753 $125
Soloist $125 $125 N/A N/A $125 or $753 $125
Deacon $125 $125  $125 or N/A2 $125 $125 or $753 $125
Priest1 Honorarium $150 Honorarium $150 Honorarium $150

1 If a visiting priest is needed, or a guest clergy is invited, the parties involved are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for transportation, lodging, and an honorarium of not less than $150. Please note, that only the parish priest can officially invite a guest clergy to participate in the services.

The participation of a deacon during a baptism ceremony is at the discretion of the presiding clergy.

3 If In-Lieu of Flowers are designated to St. Mark Armenian Church, funeral fees for members are $75 each for organist, soloist and deacon.

Hall Rental  (click here to view hall pictures)

3 Hour Event: includes hall and kitchen, 1 hour set-up and 1 hour clean-up $480
4 Hour Event: includes hall and kitchen, 1 hour set-up and 1 hour clean-up $580
5 Hour Event: includes hall and kitchen, 2 hours set-up and 1 hour clean-up $680
Additional Set-up Hours: per hour
Additional Event Hours: per hour
Conference Room:


Security Deposit: $100


Dale Diefenderfer